Outdoor Adventures in Thailand Not to be Missed

If you are headed to Thailand for a holiday with the family or perhaps a simple weekend visit on business, there are countless outdoor activities for you to explore and engage in. If you are based in one of the main cities, it is easy to take a day trip or excursion to one of the many destinations in the rainforest or along the shores and coral reefs. Whether you decide to grab your gear and embark on a primitive camping experience, or would rather see some of the wildlife common to Thailand by taking a boat ride, the options are endless for outdoor adventure. In particular, many visitors enjoy all of the unique fishing locations in Thailand, especially because there are scores of exotic tropical fish that many fishing-enthusiasts will not have encountered before. Angling Fun: Thailand’s Many Fishing Options Freshwater fishing in Thailand offers some of the best experiences in all of southeast Asia. Besides staying at a fishing resort, many day trips are available for fishing in freshwater locations like ponds, dams, and lakes for catching wild species. Everywhere from Bangkok to the Gulf of Thailand are opportunities to discover native species like Barramundi and Giant Snakehead. One of the angling experiences not to be missed is hiring a fishing charter to help you catch carp and catfish. These two species of fish are abundant in many of the lakes, making Thailand the top destination for the world’s largest species of carp, the Giant Siamese carp.    Make the Most of Thailand’s Natural Beauty In addition to going on one of the angling excursions, Thailand is also an amazing place to go camping and engage with the great outdoors. Home to numerous national parks, mountains in the jungle, and 30,000 temple complexes, Thailand is best seen through its natural wonders. By planning a camping trip or taking a hike on one of the many trails, you will truly get the feel for all of Thailand’s unique species such as the crested honey-buzzer and the Asian giant tortoise. By taking a trip to Thailand, you can uncover some of the many wondrous sites of natural beauty and learn about new species of fish, animals, trees, and insects just by giving yourself an afternoon outdoors. Going on one of the angling excursions or spending time camping are great ways for you to feel like a native and witness local species firsthand.
  • Written By Sally Perkins.