The day they landed a 407lb Giant Arapaima Gigas.

Written by Jean Francois Helias. (Pictures courtesy of J-F Helias.The biggest fish ever caught on rod and line in South east asia.THE NIGHT THEY LANDED THE BIGGEST FRESHWATER FISH EVER CAUGHT ON ROD AND LINE IN SOUTHEAST ASIA. Twenty-three years ago, thirty five (35) Arapaima gigas or Pirarucu, a fish species originally from the Amazon basin, were stocked at Bung Sam Ran Lake, Thailand. A few of them were hooked during the past two decades but rarely was a fish successfully landed by anglers. Continue reading

Mega Fish, Largest Freshwater species

ImageThe catch of the worlds biggest carp in Thailand prompted a frenzy of press and internet forum activity around the worlds angling fraternity. There’s been a right load of carp in more than one forum, where images of the biggest carp ever to be caught on rod and line were posted, that the fish was obviously a fake.

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