Big Predators bitting well moving in to the dry season

Lures and flies have been very productive lately, Some nice catches with a group of lads achieving their target of catching arapaima aswell as some nice alligator gar and redtail catfish catches. A monster catch estimated weighing close to the 100 kilos mark was caught  at the Ratchaburi “predator” lake by lady angler Allison Durand, from the USA.   Continue reading

Bowfishing 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Looking to add a different kind of excitement to your next fishing trip? Consider bowfishing. In some ways more difficult than the regular rod and line, bowfishing combines the thrills of hunting, archery, and fishing into one fantastic sport. Whether you’re heading out on a guided fishing trip in Thailand or checking out the river in your hometown, you’ll find a bevy of opportunity in this thrilling sport. From equipment to strategy advice, if you’re a beginner to bowfishing, this guide will come in handy. Continue reading