Arapaima gigas on topwater floating frog lure


Photo of Arapaima caught on topwater frog bait fishing lure in ThailandThese handmade Thai lures have already proven very effective on big predator fish species in Thailand. Its a floating frog bait and is large in size at 12cm long and is 100% hand carved, shaped and finished with realistic patterns and of giant frog fishing lure

Photo of Buzz bait fishing lure the King size frog lure.

These new frogs have been designed with Peacock bass as a main target species but as you can see they have proven irresistible to Giant snakehead and arapaima so far.Giant snakehead fishing in Thailand with Killer frog fishing lures.

Giant snakehead on topwater.

Arapaima fishing in Thailand with floating frog buzz baits.
Arapaima taken on floating topwater buzz bait the new King size Killer frog.
Arapaima fishing in Thailand with Mega Fishing Thailand

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