Favourite Snakehead photos review


As the rains are set in now and the best Snakehead fishing season is upon us round up some of the best Snakehead photos from our archives.

Amazing monster largest ever giant snakehead Toman catch

One of the biggest Toman catches in recent history.

Giant Snakehead (Channa micropeltes) cover of Thai fishing magazine

The cover of my favourite Thai fishing magazine and my favourite of the years snakehead pics. What a classic.

The obvious serpentine similaity is where this species get the name of Snakehead.

The similarity to a snake is where this species get the name of Snakehead.

Snakehead fishing in thailand

Extra special and memorable catch of 4kg Giant snakehead taken on topwater by Killer frog lure in local reservoir during the height of the dry season by Stephen Wardle from England.

Top water fishing for Snakeheads

First cast of the morning with a Rattling X frog buzzbait lure produces this 4.5kg specimen from a private lake near Bangkok for Federico Marone whilst on his Thailand fishing holiday.

Chevron snakehead fishing in thailand

Long slender Striped snakehead (Channa striata) caught fishing in Chiang mai at Dreamlake resort on hybrid jig spinner fishing lure.

12kg, monster giant snakehead

A 12kg Giant Snakehead, 2 kilos heavier than the current world record being weighed up on a market scale.

Striped snakehead specimen

Big Plah Chon (Striped snakehead) here about 2.5 kg, nice specimen.