Fishing at Dreamlake Resort in Chiang mai


dlkDream Lake in Chiang mai is a beautiful lake located 8 km from Chiang Mai center. The fishing here is year long but the best Season is : March-October. Thai fish can grow incredibly fast.3-4 kg a year are quiet normal for a some species. There are many different species of fish in this lake and you can fish with lures or baits. There are not many fisheries with this kind of chance to catch a very wide variety of fish in such beautiful  surroundings, all together with the world famous hospitality of the Thai people.
These Purpose built air conditioned bungalows all have double beds, Tvs and your own private fishing platform.

This lake is stocked with Native Asian species: Giant Mekong Catfish, Striped CatfishGiant Siamese Carp, Tilapia, Striped Snakehead, Giant Snakehead, Rohu, Small Scale Mud Carp, Juliens Golden Price CarpFreshwater Stingray, Sheatfish, Featherback……and many more also Imported from Brazil: Peacock BassArapaima, Pacu, Redtail Catfish, Tiger Catfish. Imported from Florida is the Alligator Gar.

The Arapaima may be the target for predator hunters or the The Siamese Giant carp for Carp lovers. Fishing at Dream Lake Thailand is available in 1 day and half day sessions. For full pricing and package details click here


The Services include: Transfer from your Hotel or Guesthouse, All tackle and baits which are needed, Guiding during the session and a Lunchbox. Dream Lake has 5 purpose made fishing bungalows complete with fishing platforms, TV’s Double beds and Air conditioners, to see full details about pricing and packages click here.

Dream lake fishing resort in Chiang mai Thailand continues to push the boundaries of fishing. This medium sized lake just out of the centre of Chiang Mai has basically got the perfect name, for it is a “Dream Lake”. With over 25 species of fish in its depths it made for a very exciting few days bait and lure fishing. A few days staying at Dream lake fishing resort, is truly an experience for a dedicated angler. There is something for everyone here, novices, experts, lure fishermen, fly anglers, carp heads, pussy lovers and predator hunters. If you are a thinking angler who likes the more pro active approach on your fishing holiday then a stop off at Dream lake fishing resort in Chiang Mai should be top of your schedule.

A really nice catch of a Striped Snakehead (Plah chon) on the morning session. This fish was not visible until the very last second, then there was an explosion in the water. The lightning speed of this fish on its strike was really something to be witnessed. The clarity in the water made this an amazing moment, I just wish I had my video camera rolling.

Because lure fishing is allowed at Dreamlake resort it gave me the chance to  be one of the first anglers to test a new Lure called the Mango Jack, hand made in Chiang mai Thailand. This Jigging bait lure has a great action and can be retrieved slow or fast at what ever is the required depth. Fishing around the margins of Dreamlake produced a nice 1.5KG Striped Snakehead and a juvenile Peacock bass in the space of 30 minutes.

If you wish to fish alone using your own tackles, baits and ideas then you will be 100% happy here, the quiet relaxed atmosphere is only broken when your reel starts screaming and waters churning from the fighting fish. You are open to use any tactics you wish, you can fish with floats, ledgers/sinkers, lures and also flies.

Peter Longstraat , is just such a thinking Angler, this guy lives and breathes fishing. While I was staying there I was very pleased to have the company of such a guy with non stop ideas for trying different baits and tactics to catch is chosen quarry for the day. This particular day he wanted an Alligator gar and was rewarded after a couple of hours sitting on his balcony with this nice specimen.

If you are less experienced or just want to join in with the great friendly atmosphere then you will also be at home, there are always local Thai anglers around who are quite happy to share their knowledge, tackle, baits, beer ( if your very lucky) and banter with visiting foreigners.

A local Thai angler named Jil showing off his Giant Siamese carp that he caught on fairly light tackle using bread balls as bait. This was something to see and was my first encounter with this beautiful fish species. At about 17KG this is by no means a monster, For these guys its not about the size or weight but just fun. Jil was there fishing with his 72 year old father as he does almost everyday, he said it keeps him young at heart.

All around, the atmosphere is pure fishing, but if you do wish to forget about the aquatic surroundings for a while your Bungalow comes equipped with a DVD/VCD/Mp3 player and there is a wide range of movies to choose from at the clubhouse.

Night fishing can be the most exhilarating fishing because the darkness limits your visibility and makes the fight a little more exiting. This late night catch of a 10KG Tiger catfish was unforgettable. As the reel screamed off and I struck the locals were all shouting Arapaima, This fish would not move from the bottom of the lake, and after about 10 minutes would not budge. After a while she came to the surface and although my target was the Arapaima I was not in the least bit disappointed to be holding this beautiful catfish species.

I especially enjoyed sitting on my balcony into the early hours of the morning listening to some music and relaxing in the cool night air with an iced beer waiting for that line to be striped from my reel.

A small Peacock bass caught early morning ( well early for me) on a brand new Crank bait lure called the Mango Jack, made by Mango fishing Ltd of Chiang Mai Thailand.

The lake is about 200meters square and ranges upto 7 meters deep in the middle. You can cast from all the way around the perimeter, including your own Bungalows fishing platform 24 hours a day.

For the early birds then the morning session will be the best and for those who prefer to fish on into the night there are also great possibilities as the big predators start their hunting activities.

I fit into the latter category (The night owls) and had my best catches late at night. I found myself fishing next to some local men who were obviously very experienced at all types of fishing. These guys helped me net my best catch of a 25KG Arapaima gigas and also showed me some great new rigs to test when I got back home.

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