Where to go fishing in Chiang mai


Photo of Fishing in Chiang mai The middle of the hot season in Thailand and Songkran is around the corner once again. The festival usually lasts at least four days in most of the country and in Chiang mai maybe more which means that most of the city is closed and only the streets are filled with revelers partying in the heat with water guns and hosepipe’s and of course lots of alcohol.

If you have anytime in between that for fishing then the following photos are the sort of thing you can expect. There are several good fishing lakes in Chiang mai Dreamlake being the best stocked with fish species but much harder and less action packed for the day trip angler.  If you have more time  to wait out the  Siamese carp, Arapaima, Alligator gar and Red tail catfish then Dreamlake should be  first on your list.

Peacock Bass and the Pacu have been stocked in Dreamlake from the Amazon in Brazil.

If you have only half or one whole day spare then a trip to Paradise lake is the best option  for fishing in Chiang mai. Paradise lake is packed with Mekong catfish  and some are in the region of 50-60kg, although not large compared with the likes of the cats in Bungsam lan lake in Bangkok a fish of 40kg will probably be the fish of a lifetime for most people. The action here can be  almost no-stop and very exciting playing these underwater tow trucks on the big carp rods and reels.

Photo of Catfish and Carp fishing in Chiang mai Thailand

Catfish and Carp fishing in Chiang mai Thailand

Photo of Alligator gar caught fishing at Dreamlake fishing resort Thailand Chiang mai is in the mountainous northern part of Thailand and there are a good amount of nearby reservoirs that can be reached in just under an hour or more. Its definitely the best idea to take a guide with you on these trips unless you have days to wander around trying to find the fishing areas then you will need someone who can take you straight there. Our guides have access to the best equipment, boats, local guides and of course fishing spots. There are lots of opportunity for Snakehead fishing with lures at the reservoirs and Chiang mai is probably the only place in Thailand where you can make a feasible Snakehead day trip. This is only due to the location of the reservoir which is only 1 hours drive through some spectacular scenery on the way out of Chiang mai