Fishing in Thailand “Rural style”


ImageIf you know anything about fishing in Thailand then you will already know about the huge monster fish that are to be caught in some of the Lakes, Reservoirs and Rivers. I’m talking about the Mekong Giant Catfish, Siamese Giant Carp and the Giant Freshwater stingray or the Giant Snakehead. Yes, Thailand is indeed the land of the Giants and the four of the largest freshwater fish in the world can be caught here.
The Giant Mekong Catfish (Pangasianodon gigas) is the largest recorded freshwater fish in the world (grows over 300kg in weight) and has never been caught in its natural habitat the Mekong River on rod and line. To catch a Giant Mekong Catfish you have to go to a man made lake or fishing park where they have been introduced for sport fishing. This kind of catfish fishing is guaranteed catches of large amounts of catfish in a session or your money back. Countless fisherman’s tales about these huge catfish and the awesome power they have in a fight they have been told again and again. Don’t bring your brand new or favourite rod unless you are prepared for it to be busted up. Tackle custom built to battle these Mega Fish is always provided by the best guides.

The Siamese Giant carp is in the same league of Mega Fish, being the largest carp species on earth, its also legendary for its strength and power. Certainly not as easily caught as the Mekong Cats and no catch guarantees. If you’re fishing with good and  knowledgeable guides then you will have a good chance to encounter this mother of carp. To catch the Giant Snakehead which is arguably the most veracious freshwater predator in the world then you may have to get away from an artificial environment and out into the wild, for the specimen sized beasts are mostly to be found lurking in one of the many reservoirs, dams or lakes around the country.

Photo of giant mekong catfish, Giant Siamese carp and Giant snakehead

Thailand is indeed the Land of the Giants. The Mekong Catfish, the Siamese Carp and the Snakehead.

Thailand is indeed the Land of the Giants. The Mekong Catfish, the Siamese Carp and the Snakehead. Living in Thailand you are never really far from water, there are hundreds of small or large lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. Most pieces of land will have a pond or lake for watering animals or crops.

Its not advisable to just wander onto somebodies land and start fishing, you would not do it in your own country (not in broad daylight anyway). So make sure you either have permission from the owner of the land or at least go together with a Thai. Most people wont mind and in some places its government land so everybody fishes there anyway (with nets, electric prods and of course bamboo canes). There are other possibilities such as in the wet season when many fields flood and fill up with Swamp Eels. Walking Catfish and Striped Snakehead.

Photo of river fishing in Thailand

with an abundance of Rivers, Lakes and ponds in Thailand you are never that far from a nice little fishing spot.

Most areas of water will be teeming with fish of some sort whatever season it is. Baring in mind that Thais will be mainly fishing for food so there is no catch and release. The fact that many lakes flood mean that fish are in a sense migratory and move from one pond to another to breed and in search of better food or water conditions.

Best fising baits to use in Thailand is worms

Earthworms are a great bait to use in many places and they will catch several species of fish. Using a very simple rig tied to the end of a bamboo cane you can have some great relaxing fun.

This fishing spot on a very slow moving river was positivley bubbling with signs of fish, with beautifull surroundings, peace, quiet and nobody around the stage was set to see what was lurking beneath the surface.

Fish catches from Thailand river fishing trip

About 40 minutes fishing produced a nice catch of Nile Tilapia ({Plah Nin) with a total weight of 3 KG.