Lure fishing in Thailand spinning for snakehead

Snakeheads fishing in Thailand.About a year on and were still at it. No not that, were talking about fishing! Why fishing in Thailand? Well take a look at these amazing photos to see what you can find if you venture outside of the put and take fishing parks of Bangkok. A recent trip out to a medium sized reservoir in southern Thailand made for a great day and the opportunity of a test session with a brand new lure called the Mango Jack Flash bait.A very early wakeup call on a sunday morning is not the best start to the day but as this was a local Aquatic shop owner and good friend of mine asking if I wanted to join him and his friends for a few hours fishing at a reservoir I had been wanting to visit for a while it was up and out of bed no questions.Fishing in southern ThailandWhen we arrived at the Reservoir I was very happy to see the scenery looked very much like what I have seen before on the large Reservoirs of the west and north of Thailand with lots of submerged Bamboo and trees with many river gulleys and bay’s, in fact, what could be described as perfect snakehead territory. So with a lure box full of top water Killer frogs and Mini hardwood poppers I was already anticipating that first strike.Not a good sign, A dead baby Striped snakehead floating in the shallows near to where my friend’s chosen fishing spot was.Dead Snakehead fish found at the waters edge, not a good start to a snakehead fishing trip.

My counterparts for the day were going to be fishing for Common Silver barb ( Pla Dapiam). They had bought some very fresh lam that morning aswell as some flavoured bread and cats milk artificial liquid flavouring.


Mixing up the ground bgait Thai style. Lam is a great bait for usze in Thailands waters

After all the baits had been mixed the guys loaded thier method feeders ( Dagkror) and cast out thier eight rods.

Myself,  however had a very different gameplan for the day. Snakeheads, in particular the Giant variety. My Aquarist friend had informed me a couple of weeks previous about this particular reservoir and that it was apparently full with Pla Chado ( Thats Giant Snakeheads )

Fishing in Thailand, what amazing scenery.

In my own experience of fishing for this species strong winds are not the best conditions so I was a little worried as the wind started to get stronger as mid morning was approaching and I had not cast a line yet.

The waves on the waters surface can play havoch with your lures jumping and buzz action, which is my own explanation of why the fishing is not so good in windy conditions.

By the time I had walked a couple of Kilometers around the east side of the lake with lots of casting, being soaked in sweat and not even a sniff of a strike I decided to change tactics and try and save the day and target a smaller cousin of the Giant snakehead the Striped snakehead.

Mango Jack Flash bait fishing lure.

Fortunatley I had with me a couple of brand new lures that I have had the opportunity to try before at Dream Lake Chiang Mai in March and had success with every time. The Mango Jack Flash bait is a resin bodied sinking minnow crankbait type lure.

I chose the 30 Gram model in super flash holographic purple with two VMC treble hooks rather than the spinning tail blade for a little bit of a larger target incase there were some giants around.

The best lure for the Job, In windy conditions get under the waters surface.

Snakehead fishing in Thailand

Needless to say after a little more walking and finding a perfect looking bed of weeds near to some submerged bamboo roots to retrieve past the lure did its job nicely  ( of course with some perfect casting to boot) and bang a blank day was saved with this Striped snakehead of about 1kg.

Striped snakehead and a nice catch for the day.

All this happened just in the nick of time as my phone started buzzing with a disapointed Mot on the other end letting me know that they had not evcen a bite and were already packing up and ready to go home, It was only 2pm and my hopes of better conditions for the afternoon session and more exploring of this wonderfull little reservoir were dashed for the day.

The trip was by no means a waste of time. This place will hold hours and hours and hours of future fishing action and when it happens the Mega fishing family will be the first to hear about it.