World Record Giant Siamese Carp, Fishing in Thailand


Siamese Giant carp imageFinally we have the story of the IGFA all tackle world record catch of the famous Giant siamese carp. The biggest carp species in the world. This text has been on our wish list for a long time and now we have it right here, Read on for the full account as it happened written by the captor himself UK angler Mr Terry Mather.“It was the 12th of March 2004 and I was fishing my last session of three days in a row. I had been fishing for 8 days with Fishing Adventures Thailand dedicated team of Pro guides and I had already caught 5 Giant Siamese carp in my previous sessions. The biggest being 53 Kilos weighed on certified scales, but unfortunatley that monster catch did not qualify for the Giant Siamese carp IGFA all tackle world record because rules were broken in the process. On that final day I had a few small Giant Mekong catfish and it was getting late in the day but I had one of those “GUT FEELINGS” that somthing special might happen and it sure did.

Hooking and landing the biggest carp in the world within the IGFA rules is not an easy task and this 53 kilogram monster carp unfortunatley did not qualify as some of the rules were broken during the fight.

Terry’s monstrous 53 kilos carp could not qualify for a new IGFA record!

Allthough the Giant siamese carp is the biggest carp in the world it is not that well known that these monster carp are able to be caught while fishing in Thailand

One of the 6 Siamese giant carp caught by Terry: a lovely 30 kilos!

I was watching the Carp rods and BANG! one of them went off like a rocket so I struck and the fish went tearing off into the middle of Bungsamlan lake. After playing the fish for 30 minutes but seemed like a few hours and still not knowing if it was a carp or not I eventually got it near to the deck of my bungalow. This is always a worry because of the snags around the supports of the structure. After another 10 minutes we got a look at the giant Carp, WOW, my heart was in my throat when Kik my personal guide for the day shouted ” It could be a world record fish”.

That giant carp must have heard what he said because it took off again like a bullet train out of Tokyo station. After another few rounds of going toe to toe with this brute of a fish I managed to get it near to the bungalow again. Now there was a small crowd of people gathered around watching so there was no pressure on! Just as I thought I tamed this beast of a carp it made a break for freedom and dived under the cabin, there was a gasp went through the crowd and everyone thought that was the end. The Giant carp was snagged. Oh S+=T I thought but tried to keep cool and applied just a little pressure to the fish and to everyones amazement ( except mine) the fish back tracked and I led it back out into the clear of the lake beyond. I gave it a nudge and Whoosh! that monster carp sped off into the middle of the lake again. So I squared off with her again because this battle was not over yet and after another 10 minutes of fierce battling she was back near to the fishing deck of my cabin and this time safely into the net. I was shaking all over from exhaustion aswell as excitement after having the pleasure of battling such a prime specimen of Giant Siamese carp and even more so when that beauty topped the scales at 52 KG. I was a very happy lad!

Finally this giant carp was caught within the rules of the IGFA and qualified for the IGFA all tackle world record for Giant Siamese carp, the biggest carp in the world.

Terry Mather showing his 52 kilos IGFA All Tackle world record Siamese giant carp catch.