Giant Snakehead: Chado V’s Toman


The Giant snakehead  Channa micropeltes is fairly widespread across Asia and is generally thought to reach weights of up to  30kg (66lb). It has been recorded at 15kg + (33lb) from a Zoo in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where it is known as the Toman. Here we have a photo article comparing two huge Channa micropeltes catches one from local anglers in Thailand ( Thai name is Plah Chado (ชะโด) ) and the other from last seasons Mega Fishing Malaysia trip. Which is larger?

Giant Snakehead: Plah Chado (ชะโด) Thailand

12kg Giant Snakehead (Channa micropeltes) caught by Thai angler on topwater frog popper lure

A true catch of a lifetime and a huge specimen Giant Snakehead (Channa micropeltes) caught in Thailand.  This one is being displayed with outstretched arms which makes it look even meaner. Fully grown spawning adult note the bulging head and massive paddle tail. The strength of fight and sheer power generated from a fish this size is incredible.

Photo of largest Thai Giant snakehead caught

A different angle photo showing the same fish as above, its a real monster.

Giant snakehead being weighted on market scales

The monster specimen Plah Chado (ชะโด) is weighted on the only scales available were local market style.

12kg Giant snakehead on local market scale

About 12kg (26lb) on those scales . In Thai style the fish was taken for food or to be sold at market by the Kg (Approx $2 – $2.5  per Kg).

Toman: Malaysia

Toman (Channa micropeltes) caught in Perak Malaysia on Heddon Super Spook

A monster Toman (Channa micropeltes) caught in Perak Malaysia on Heddon Super Spook

One of the largest Toman to be caught in Malaysia in recent history

A real Zoo creature. The look on the local boatman’s face says it all that this is one of the biggest Toman to be caught in Malaysia in recent history

Photo of biggest toman to be caught in Malaysia

The same fish is being held close in to the body and still it looks huge, at least a meter long with a huge girth and pitbull sized head. Its an absolutely huge specimen sized Toman (Channa micropeltes)

Photo of Malaysian Toman is full spawning colours

This was a real freak specimen Toman and everything about it was just giant sized. Again held next to the body and not at arms length its obvious this is an extra special catch.

Another photo of largest Toman from other boat angle

Same fish photographed from other boat shows the full length of the fish and how its being displayed.

Biggest Toman of the year weighted on Boga Grip

No digital scales available so 30lb Boga grip was used. Again the fat girth of this monster is evident.

30 lb Boga grip was Maxed out

30lb Boga Grip was Maxed out with this Toman beast.