Carp Fishing in Chiang mai


Carp rods and rod pod setup at Dreamlake fishing resort Thailand Thailand is famous now for its carp fishing and more and more European techniques are being used to target species such as the Giant Siamese carp and the Rohu among others. A great venue is the relaxed and friendly Dreamlake Fishing resort in Chiang mai where there is a great mix of local knowledge and imported tactics. Fishing is 24 hours and with the help of the very experienced guides and owners chances of bagging a PB are very good.

Giant Siamese carp and other carp species at Dreamlake and many other fishing lakes in Thailand will take a variety of baits on any given day. Popular methods at Dreamlake are rice flour and bread mix used with Thai style wire cage method feeder. Bread pieces molded around the hook can also work well for larger specimens.

Some carp species stocked at the Dreamlake Fishing resort are the Giant Siamese Carp, Julliens Golden Price Carp, Small Scale Mud Carp, Common Carp and the Rohu (Indian Carp).

For anglers used to hair rigs, boillies and pop-ups, these techniques have been successful at Dreamlake over the years. Patience and good ground baiting can be the key to these methods. There are plenty of smaller bait fish around so small baits can be tricky unless fished on light float tackle targeting the smaller species.

Specimen fishing for Giant Siamese carp in Thailand

The lake itself is quite deep so float fishing (unless in very shallow margins) is done with sliding float rig. The most effective bait seems to be bread flake molded to the hook with a small sinker weight to take it straight down to the baited area. The floats are stick type and  stopped by either a stop knot or rubber band set at the correct depth. For bite detection at night use fluorescent light tips or Thai style bells attached to the rod tip.

Photo of Carp rods rod pod setup at Dreamlake Fishing resort in Chiang mai

European style carp fishing setup at Dreamlake. Essential baitrunners and rod pods for relaxed fishing. Dreamlake is open 24hrs for guests to fish until their hearts content from bankside or private fishing pontoon next to each bungalow.

Exotic fish species stocked at Dreamlake Fishing Resort

Many other exotic fish species are stocked at Dreamlake, both native Thai species and imported game fish from around the world.

The lake is stocked with many other exotic fish species which can be targeted on the same rigs and setups as the carp but using different baits and varied techniques. A favorite for the predators is hair rigged sausage pieces.

Snakehead and Alligator gar fishing in Thailand at Dreamlake Fishing resort in Chiang mai

Snakehead and Alligator gar caught at Dreamlake fishing Resort in Chiang mai Thailand

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