Species Hunting at Predator Lake


Fishing in Thailand for different predator fish speciesIf catching many different fish species is your aim while on your fishing holiday in Thailand then a good place to start is the predator lake in Ratchaburi province. The lake is fairly large as are most of the resident fish. Jethro booked a couple days hoping to catch a variety of species using lure, fly and bait fishing tactics.

Usual package fishing this lake is lure/fly fishing in the morning session until lunch and then choice to start live/deadbait fishing. Anglers can take a roving approach which is recommended with lure and fly or when using baits can move to the best spots chosen by the guides, bait up and wait. Usually not for long as the lake is really packed with a very wide variety of native Thai and imported predator fish ready to take baits. Below are photos of some of the best catches from a couple days fishing for exotic game fish species in this lake using all methods just described. Contact us for more info on fishing in Thailand at the predator lake.

Sorubim Tiger catfish caught at Ratchaburi predator fishing lake Thailand

Striking colouration on this sorubim Tiger catfish. These species can be caught on lures and flies and are very strong and powerful. They stick deep and are surprisingly late coming to the surface during a fight.

Alligator gar caught at Ratchaburi predator fishing lake in Thailand

Alligator gar are very popular with visiting anglers and one of the most targeted imported species in Thailand.

Massive Pacu imported to Predator lake from the Amazon

Pacu have been introduced to all parts of Thailand’s waters and seem to flourish due to their hardy nature and omnivorous diet. They will literally take any baits and can be caught on anything from rice flour to smaller diving lures, flies and topwater poppers. Being roving hunter/foragers they are built for long lasting energy. Not the most powerful bursts of speed but always fight right the way out until landed.

Redtail catfish caught night fishing in Thailand at Predator lake Ratchaburi

Super end to the day with a huge Redtail catfish caught fishing on into the dark of night.

Chao Phraya catfish caught lure fishing from predator lake in Ratchaburi province Thailand

Chao Phraya catfish of smaller size. Pangasius sanitwongsei can grow to huge proportions. Nicknamed the “Dog Eating Catfish”. Native to the Chao Phraya and Mekong river basins it is one of the largest predatory catfish.

Arapaima fishing in Thailand at Predator Amazon Lake Ratchaburi

Probably the most popular in the target list of visiting anglers fishing in Thailand is the Arapaima gigas. The large predators will take live and dead baits also lures and flies presented well. Note to always listen to your guides who have experience in technique and lure choice. Baiting is usually done by the guides who will choose the best cuts of fish for your hook.

Barramudi caught night fishing in thailand wit fish baits

Native Thai Barramundi (Lates calcarifer). There are many big size Barra in the predator lake and they can be taken on Lures flies and fish baits.

Sharp tooth catfish caught from the Predator lake in Ratchaburi Thailand

End to a great trip and a bag full of some main game fish species which can be caught by anglers visiting or on holiday in Thailand.