Predator Fishing Ratchaburi


arawana_thailand_predator_lakeThese past days there’s been some awesome fishing at Ratchaburi lake!  Here is a lovely arawana captured on lure at Ratchaburi by Laurent on a Mitchell light tackle combo. The Mitchell marketing manager Laurent Checko is a fine lure angler. Proof is that biggie peacock bass in the 5.00 kg mark taken on lure as well on the same day at Ratchaburi lake. peacock_bass_fishing_thailand Gavin Clarke, had himself lots of catches during his four days session including that mega redtail catfish. monster_redtail_catfish His mate Danny Merchant, also a return visiting angler, caught himself a very rare Wallago leeri. That specie was apparently in a feeding mood. wallago_leeri_thailand Tambaqui while carp fishing with “lam”. tambaqui_fishing_thailand Lewis Deeks, from the UK, had lots of nice catches these past days. That photo shows a jubilant Lewis displaying one of his several big size redtail captures. redtail_catfish_thailand Thomas Gosset, a young French angler from Normandie, also on a very first trip to Thailand, had that over 60 kilos arapaima catch of a lifetime two days ago. A well deserved trophy fish for a very dedicated young fisherman! arapaima_fishing_thailand Another French angler, Nicolas Frutieaux, on his second trip to Thailand, had also the chance to capture on lure a rare wallago leeri. wallagoo_leeri_fishing_thailand Expert carp angler Didier Montagnon from Montpellier, France with a rare soldier river barb (pla takok). soldier_river_barb Didier Montagnon, whose angling dream was to capture a big Siamese giant carp, had his wish exhausted after a hard fighting battle with over 40 kilos of catlocarpio siamensis

TH - Siamese giant carp