Thailand – one of the best fishing spots in the world!


The rumours are that the Land of Smiles offers some of the best fishing spots in the world for anglers. On a recent holiday in Thailand, after shopping around for a good offer, this writer decided to put that to the test.

The destination we chose was Ngao Nam Lake, because it was west of Bangkok where we decided to send most of our trip. How did things work out? Read on

Credit Evo Flash

Ngao Nam Lake

Set amongst stunning and picturesque scenery, Ngao Nam Lake is pretty idyllic. The lake is easy to access and has a shaded fishing bank on one side that is very comfortable. As a fishing venue, it’s one of the longest-running in and around Bangok.

It’s quite a popular venue with the locals. In fact, you don’t often see a lot of non-Thai anglers here. Take note: there aren’t any bungalows
available and the toilets and shelters are fairly basic, so it’s not the best place to bring anyone who doesn’t want to fish!

Also, you may want to seek assistance from a local angler. The native fish don’t respond to the same bait as you may use in a natural environment, as they are used to a regular diet provided by visitors. So, it’s helpful if you speak Thai or know someone who does!

Peak time at Ngao Nam Lake is late afternoon through until midnight. If you want quiet time, try visiting during the day.

Fishing in Ngao Nam Lake

You’ll find a wide variety of freshwater fish species in this area, and there is quite a high percentage of large fish too. The main target species when fishing the waters at Bor Ngao Nam include the Mekong giant catfish and Bighead carp.

Credit Lynn Chan

One of the main advantages of fishing at Ngao Nam Lake is the increased chances of catching an enormous catfish, according to our guide. Many visitors can catch Mekong giant catfish of over 100lb in one session! Going after a monster catfish will reduce your chances of catching the other diverse fish in the lake, but you’re unlikely to get a better chance anywhere else.

Our trip yielded a beast of about 115 lbs, which was pretty good. After a successful day’s fishing and chatting with a British angler who stays in the area, we decided to investigate Bungsamran Fishing Park for comparison.

Conclusion: Ngao Nam Lake is well worth a trip for avid anglers, but don’t take any non-fishers along with you!