Best chance for Arapaima fishing in Bangkok


The Arapaima is one of the main top target fish for visiting anglers fishing in Thailand. If you are in Bangkok then the best chance for an Arapaima catch in a one day trip is at our Kampanseng lake destination about an hour and half drive from downtown. 
arapaima_fishing_thaialnd_bangkok_2Our Client Daniel Neuman had some nice Arapaima catches on his first day lure fishing. He had booked two days fishing and onm the second went to the  “Predator” lake which has many many different kinds of fishes and is perfect for anglers which want to catch a variety of species.


Chao Phraya catfish (PANGASIUS SANITWONGSEI) caught from the “Predator” lake. These are really strong fighters and these larger specimens are a great test for visiting anglers.