Snakehead fishing in the rainy season


Rainy season is generally considered the best time for snakehead fishing in Thailand as that is when the “baby fry”  are hatched and the parents become super aggressive towards anything invading their territory. 
However heavy rains can have a direct effect on the fishing conditions. Recently our client Richard Evans booked a trip to Srinakarin reservoir with us but unfortunately in the week leading up to it the heavy rains turned the waters of our fishing grounds deep red with silt. A few days before we received some photos from our boatman showing un-fishable conditions at Srinakarin.
srinakarin_reservoir_floodedSo we had to switch location at the eleventh hour to make the best chance to get a good few days fishing in.
even at our second destination the condition s were difficult and only a couple of fish were landed including this nice specimen below of approx 4.5kg.