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Bowfishing 101: A Beginner’s Guide


Looking to add a different kind of excitement to your next fishing trip? Consider bowfishing. In some ways more difficult than the regular rod and line, bowfishing combines the thrills of hunting, archery, and fishing into one fantastic sport. Whether you’re heading out on a guided fishing trip in Thailand or checking out the river in your hometown, you’ll find a bevy of opportunity in this thrilling sport. From equipment to strategy advice, if you’re a beginner to bowfishing, this guide will come in handy. Continue reading

Wallago leeri taken on the fly


For those who are into fly fishing, here is a very rare catch, a lovely wallago leeri taken on July 1 by  John Mitchell (Englishman living in Hong Kong), at the Kampaeng Sen lake . That is quite a fantastic achievement. Wallago are very difficult to catch on lure, so capturing one on the fly is an huge accomplishment.On top of that catch of a lifetime, John and his partner Selina, had several arapaima, redtail, and alligator gar during the three days Thailand fishing trip.