Wallago leeri taken on the fly

For those who are into fly fishing, here is a very rare catch, a lovely wallago leeri taken on July 1 by  John Mitchell (Englishman living in Hong Kong), at the Kampaeng Sen lake . That is quite a fantastic achievement. Wallago are very difficult to catch on lure, so capturing one on the fly is an huge accomplishment.On top of that catch of a lifetime, John and his partner Selina, had several arapaima, redtail, and alligator gar during the three days Thailand fishing trip.

Beginners guide to Fly fishing knots

ImageAs a raw beginner to fly fishing there are some hurdles to overcome. You will have many days when you wish you had a friend available to take you fishing because you don‘t know enough to take yourself. You aren’t sure of what equipment to use. You don’t know what to do with the equipment. You can spend hundreds of dollars per day to pay someone to take you and show you what to do and lend you equipment. That wasn’t my way to learn. Continue reading

Beginners guide to Fly fishing in Thailand

Fly fishing in Thailand. This is an introduction to basic fly fishing tackleHow to prepare for your very first fly fishing trip: Fly fishing tackle Primer. I think it must be common for first time fly fishers to be shy and not want to ask the necessary questions about equipment. I am like that all the time. This article is about basic fly fishing equipment and assumes you don‘t know anything. Continue reading