Latest Maniac Poppers and Stickbaits in stock

maniac_poppers4We always have a stock of Maniac poppers and Stickbaits available for sale. We have stock in Thailand and UK warehouses.
Maniac Lures made in Thailand are some of the the finest 100% handcrafted big game topwater lures available on the market.  Contact us for stock list prices and details.
Catch proven around the world for species like Giant Trevally, Tuna, Snapper and grouper. See some customer catches in gallery below.  Continue reading

Snakehead Fishing – X frog – Owner Hook V’s Leg

camping_lake34One of the go to baits in our box is still the Rattling X Frog. Quite a large lure but floating with good rattling sound. Always seems to catch at least one fish even on hard days. We upgrade with Owner Stinger doubles. There are no weed guards so not weedless and have to be more careful fishing around weedy areas in case of getting snagged. Can be dangerous if the snag suddenly gives way and hook comes flying back at you at high speed… Continue reading

Rural Snakehead Hunting

snakehead_fishing_prachuap_13 Fishing local waters around Prachuap Kiri Khan for Giant Snakehead. Started the day with topwater lure fishing. Was looking like a great day with 2 catches early on. Both were released safely. Weather became more unfriendly and ended in huge cloudburst. To be expected in the rainy season in Thailand. Afternoon was quiet and only a couple of strikes on frog lures, the rain storm did Continue reading