Snakehead and Pacu Fishing, Wet Season in Thailand.


Snakehead fishing in thailand, the striped snakehead is a very popular food fish in thailand , It can be caught with top water lures aswell as natural baits.Its very very good to live away from the sprawling hustle and bustle of city life. Away from the tourist track.People are living off the land and the wet season now brings with it quick change as lands jump start into their yearly cycles of renewal. In and around  the newly flooded fields and rice paddy’s the local fish are on the move as they search for abundant foods in places unaccessible only a week ago. Continue reading

The day they landed a 407lb Giant Arapaima Gigas.


Written by Jean Francois Helias. (Pictures courtesy of J-F Helias.The biggest fish ever caught on rod and line in South east asia.THE NIGHT THEY LANDED THE BIGGEST FRESHWATER FISH EVER CAUGHT ON ROD AND LINE IN SOUTHEAST ASIA. Twenty-three years ago, thirty five (35) Arapaima gigas or Pirarucu, a fish species originally from the Amazon basin, were stocked at Bung Sam Ran Lake, Thailand. A few of them were hooked during the past two decades but rarely was a fish successfully landed by anglers. Continue reading

Mega Fish, Largest Freshwater species


ImageThe catch of the worlds biggest carp in Thailand prompted a frenzy of press and internet forum activity around the worlds angling fraternity. There’s been a right load of carp in more than one forum, where images of the biggest carp ever to be caught on rod and line were posted, that the fish was obviously a fake.

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