Rural Snakehead Hunting

snakehead_fishing_prachuap_13 Fishing local waters around Prachuap Kiri Khan for Giant Snakehead. Started the day with topwater lure fishing. Was looking like a great day with 2 catches early on. Both were released safely. Weather became more unfriendly and ended in huge cloudburst. To be expected in the rainy season in Thailand. Afternoon was quiet and only a couple of strikes on frog lures, the rain storm did Continue reading

Carp Fishing in Chiang mai

Carp rods and rod pod setup at Dreamlake fishing resort Thailand Thailand is famous now for its carp fishing and more and more European techniques are being used to target species such as the Giant Siamese carp and the Rohu among others. A great venue is the relaxed and friendly Dreamlake Fishing resort in Chiang mai where there is a great mix of local knowledge and imported tactics. Fishing is 24 hours and with the help of the very experienced guides and owners chances of bagging a PB are very good. Continue reading

Snakehead fishing in Thailand at Srinakarin reservoir

photo of snakehead showing teeth The fish you see in these pictures are called Snakehead, a species found in the mountain lakes and jungle rivers of South East Asia ,the Indian sub continent and  recently due to escapes and illegal stocking the southern states of the U.S.A , it is an ambush predator living in and around weed beds and other submerged obstacles which is similar in its habits to our own pike. Its diet consists mainly of various smaller fish species, frogs and water fowl. They are usually caught on locally made surface lures but will on occasions take shallow diving lures and live baits if the presentation is right. Continue reading