Thailand really is the land of giant catfishes. For many anglers catfish fishing in Thailand - even smaller catfish species are way bigger than most fish they have caught before. A day catfish fishing in Bangkok or Chiang mai at a Thai fishing park can produce up to 30 or more catches in a day (average 15-50kg (33lb-11lb)) of the world's largest catfish the Giant Mekong catfish (Pangasianodon gigas) and the Striped catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) among other species.

Image showing giant mekong catfish caught fishing in Bangkok Thailand at Bungsamaran fishing park Huge Mekong catfish will test any anglers skill. There are daily guided Thailand fishing trips available for many giant catfish species.

Baits used for catfish fishing in Thailand varies. Predatory catfish like the Chao phraya catfish (Pangasius santiwongsei) and the Thai red tail catfish (Hemibargus wyckioides) can be caught using live or dead fish baits aswell as lures and large streamer saltwater style flies. For most other catfish species fishing batfishaits would be bread mix and rice flour (lum) mix with additives and flavourings. Hair rigged baits like sausage and meaty baits can also be very effective. Worms are always good especially for walking catfish (Clarias batrachus).

The Catfish species of Thailand.

Chao Phraya catfish species page title graphic image Chao Phraya catfish (Pangasius santiwongsei) is named after the river which flows through Bangkok. This predatory catfish is very striking looking with its long fins and shark looking shape. Chao Phraya catfish can often be seen circling in lakes, their position given away by black fins protruding from the waters surface...more>>
Mega Fishing Thailand Fish species pages Giant Mekong catfish title image Giant Mekong catfish (Pangsaianodon gigas) is a member of the shark catfish family and reaches enormous proportions. This native Thai fish is currently recognized by the Guinness book of records as the largest freshwater fish species. This is the true king of fish and is recognized and well respected for its immense fighting power...more>>
Mega Fishing Thailand Fish species catfish pages Striped catfish title Striped catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) is found in Thailand in the Mekong basin as well as the Chao Phraya river. Also called the Iridescent and Siamese Shark It is heavily stocked in fishing parks and reservoirs throughout the country. Its main interest is as a food fish aswell as to anglers fishing in Thailand...more>>
Mega Fishing Thailand Fish species catfish pages Suckermouth catfish title Suckermouth catfish (Hypostomus plecostomus) is an armoured catfish found in Thailand in many fishing parks. Its a shy bitter and many times only caught by accident using lam rice flour bait mixes. Larger specimens will take worms....more>>
Mega Fishing Thailand species identification pages Asian Redtail Thai Redtail catfish picture Thai Redtail catfish (Hemibagrus wykioides) is a predatory catfish which feeds mainly on fish. Known in Thai as Plah kot Haang Daeng can be found in many natural lakes and rivers around Thailand but is a rare catch compared to the Amazon Red tail...more>>
Mega Fishing Thailand fish species pages Walking catfish title image Walking catfish (Clarias batrachus) could be the most commonly encountered fish in Thailand. On any day they can be seen on barbecues all around Bangkok city. Plah duk as its known in Thai is stocked in every fishing lake and park in Thailand as default. They can also be found in about every water body in the country...more>>