Other Fish Species


There are hundreds and hundreds of fish species in Thailand's waters which range in size from tiny goby's of 3cm like the Glass goby upto what some believe to be the largest freshwater fish in the world the Giant freshwater stingray which can grow to over 300kg (661lb). These are some of the other fish which do not fit into our main categories that anglers fishing in Thailand may encounter.

Thailand Fish species other Barramundi Lates Calcarifer The Barramundi  (Lates calcarifer),is also known as the Asian Sea bass and White snapper. They are a very popular fish in Thailand. Both with sport fishermen who mainly target them with lures and large streamer flies and as a food fish by large proportion of the population due to it's delicious firm, white, fine-grained meat and appeal as a table fish...more>>
climbing_perch_title Climbing perch  (Anabas testudineus) are common in Thailand Handle with care! They are small but pack a punch. every fin and the gill plates are very spiny and sharp. Once caught the gills flare out, start flipping around with fins at the ready, can be like holding a spikey hot potato...more>>
Thailand fish species information and Taxonomy for Giant Freshwater Stingray image Giant Freshwater Sting Ray  (Himantura chaophraya). Not a great deal is known about its habits and life cycle in its native habitats. Its thought to be endangered and the main threats come from destruction of its natural habitats and blocking of its breeding routes. Another big threat is from deforestation...more>>
Other Fish species in Thailand the Giant gourami Osphronemus goramy Giant gourami (Osphronemus goramy) can grow to quite large sizes of up to 7kg and can be caught by anglers fishing in Thailand by using corn and nuts presented on hair rigs in European carp fishing style. Also possible to take on small dry flies with extreme accurate casting and lots of patience...more>>
Fish Species other marbled Sand Goby information graphic image Marbled sand goby (Oxyeleotris mamorata) is a native species in Thailand. It is the largest of the goby like fishes. Sand goby's prefer sluggish or standing fresh and brackish estuarine waters. Diet is small fishes, shrimps, aquatic insects, and crustaceans. Prized as a food fish and considered a delicacy in much of South East Asia...more>>