Giant Freshwater Stingray Fishing


Mega Fishing Thailand presents an amazing chance to fish for one of the most talked about species. The Giant Freshwater stingray is one of Largest freshwater fish species in the world. Its size and power are tremendous and trying to land one of these giant freshwater rays has been compared with battling with a submarine.

Image showing Giant freshwater stingray caught on fishing holiday in Thailand. Fishing for the Giant freshwater stingray in Thailand can result is battles lasting several hours.
Image showing Giant freshwater stingray caught from Chao phraya river near Bangkok Thailand Join Thailand's best fishing guides team for day and night trips on the Chao phraya and Bang pakong river.

ABOUT THE BANG PAKONG RIVER & THE NAKORN NAYOK RIVER. The Bang Pakong River (only 1.5 hour drive from Bangkok) is fed by 2 other brackish rivers, the Nakorn Nayok River and the Prachin River. These 3 rivers are known to have the country's biggest population of giant freshwater stingray and grey eel catfish or giant sea catfish. Both species are terrific game fish due to the hard fights they give when hooked up by anglers. Giant freshwater stingray and giant sea catfish can be targeted at this river all year long but March to May is the very best period to fish for them. The sea tides are an essential parameter for this kind of fishing. Both fish species bite in the daytime and night time though night time fishing can offer better chances to catch them. It takes about an one hour drive from Bangkok to reach the area where you will be boarding our captain's wooden boat. It takes around one hour of boating then to reach the best fishing spots on any of these 3 rivers. Both day and night time trips are available.

ABOUT THE TARGET FISH SPECIES: The Giant freshwater stingray is arguably the largest freshwater fish species in the world with tales of rays of over 450kg (1000lb) but one of that size has never been caught or landed. This particular stingray is one of Thailand's true water world giants. According to locals, nowadays specimens around 250kg (551lb) (a diameter of almost 4 meters (13ft) are the biggest size inhabiting these waters. A few years ago, a freshwater stingray estimated at 250kg (551lb) was found dead at an area on one of the river's we are often fishing. A 100kg (220lb) specimen hooked up by an angler can mean several long hours of fighting.

Image showing Giant freshwater stingray caught near Bangkok Thailand on guided fishing holiday Catch of a lifetime 200lb Giant Freshwater stingray

Another rare species of stingray inhabits these 3 rivers. It is the rare cowtail stingray (Hypolophus sephen). According to locals this species can grow to a max weight of 30kg (66lb). Other brackish water fish species such as the thick spined catfish and the booseman croaker will be targeted on light gear while fishing for the giant freshwater stingray and the grey eel catfish.

ABOUT FISHING METHOD:Anglers usually fish with 2 rods for this destination, one heavy duty rod is for the giant freshwater stingray and the second rod, much lighter, is for smaller river species. Both stingrays and sea catfish take the very same bait: river prawns. So anglers get often into serious trouble when a big size stingray takes the bait on their light tackle rod. In this kind of situation there is no need to say that the stingray has no problem at all to end the fight as the winner, breaking the line by whipping it with its tail.



  • Transfer from your hotel to the river by private minibus
  • Guiding by pro guides
  • Daily fishing accommodation on floating house
  • Speedboat to fight hooked up stingray (If needed)
  • All stingray quality fishing heavy gear (rods & reels)
  • All required baits and rigs