New Carp and Catfish Fishing lake 2 rods

Caho Lake - Black Sharkminnow

CAHO LAKE – BOTTOM FISHING FOR CARP & CATFISH SPECIES: A new destination the Caho lake is probably the best chance around Bangkok for anglers wanting to target the Giant siamese carp in a day trip. 2 rods are included in the basic package doubling your chances for about the same price.
The lake itself is a traditional Thai style man made lake of 12 rai (4.7 acres) , with fishing huts to protect from the sun, table and chairs.
For anglers wanting to take 2 days fishing there is a brand new hotel nearby which is very nice. Located about 1.5 hours from downtown Bangkok.

Caho Lake - Black Sharkminnow
Caho Lake - Black Sharkminnow

TARGET SPECIES: Mekong catfish up to 100 kg, Siamese giant carp up to 40 kg, Catla carp (Catla catla) up to 25.00 kg, striped catfish up to 15.00 kg,  redtail catfish up to 15.00 kg, sorubim hybrid up to 15.00 kg, Jullien’s golden carp up to 10 kg, rohu (labeo rohita) up to 15 kg, small scale mud carp or mrigal (Cirrhinus cirrhosus) up to 10.00 kg, giant goramy up to 8.00 kg, soldier river barb (Cyclocheilichthys enoplos) up to 6.00 kg, black sharkminnow (Morulius chrysophekadion) up to 7.00 kg, labeo barbatulus up to 3.00 kg, mad barb ((Leptobarbus hoeveni) up to 5.00 kg, java barb ((Barbonymus gonionotus) up to 2.00 kg, etc

Caho Lake - Black Sharkminnow
FISHING METHODS: Tactics at the Caho lake is bottom fishing with method feeder using bread rice flour secret Thai carp recipe.


  • 1 angler / 2 rods: 9,500 baht
  • 2 anglers / 2 rods each: 16,000 Baht (8,000 Baht per angler x 2)
  • 3 anglers / 2 rods each: 22,500 Baht (7,500 Baht per angler x 3)
  • Extra rod: 2,000 Baht


  • Round trip transfer from your hotel to the lake
  • Full assistance of pro guides
  • Required fishing permit
  • All fishing tackle provided (rods & reels) – 2 rods per angler
  • Various baits and terminal tackle
  • Complementary ice & mineral water


  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Food (Can be purchased at the lake for very reasonable price).