Predator Fishing Bangkok Arapaima and Exotic Species

Arapaima Bangkok 95Kg Arapaima Caught Lure Fishing in Bangkok

New lake,, located close to Bangkok, Lure fishing (morning) / dead bait fishing (afternoon). The fish species to be targeted are mainly Arapaima (the lake has the biggest population of Arapaima in Thailand; biggest ones over 100 kilos). Fishing level is fairly difficult however your pro guides will ensure you have the best chance.

TARGET SPECIES: Arapaima up to 120 kg, Wallago leeri up to 40 kg, Alligator Gar up to 30 kg, Amazonian Redtail Catfish up to 20 kg, Asian Redtail Catfish (Pla Kot Kang) up to 10 kg, Pacu up to 10 kg, Thai Mahseer up to 5 kg, many other Thai native species.

FISHING METHOD: Fly / Lure fishing and dead bait fishing are the techniques at this predator fishing in Thailand destination. All the best tackle is provided with custom rods and Shimano reels spooled with braid. You will be casting various lures or flies throughout the morning amd switch to bait fishing in the afternoon as you move around that lake complex with your guides.

Arapaima fishing Bangkok The lake is stocked with lots of arapaima and probablly the best chance for a catch on a day fishing in Bangkok.


  • 1 angler: 10,500 baht
  • 2 anglers: 19,000 baht (9,500 baht per angler x 2)
  • 3 anglers: 27,000 baht (9,000 baht per angler x 3)


  • Round trip transfer from your hotel to the lake by private minibus
  • Required fishing permit (1 rod per angler)
  • Full assistance of pro guides.


  • Fly fishing rod & fly reel & flies
  • Food, soft drinks, alcohol.