Snakehead Fishing Queen Sirikit dam

Photo of amazing fishing holiday in Thailand scenery Breathtaking scenery and surroundings while lure fishing in Thailand for the mighty Giant snakehead and the Jungle perch

This Thailand fishing trip is really adventurous and you will spend days lure fishing by local longtail boats for snakehead and jungle perch fish species and the nights on a floating bamboo raft out on the water. The dam is located near Uttaradit and is definitely one of the best waters for Snakehead and Jungle Perch in Thailand, The breathtaking views and the exotic nature of this area just add to the whole attraction of this fishing tour in Thailand.

Photo of Giant snakehead territory habitat Accurate casting at long distance is needed for Snakehead fishing

The Queen Sirikit Dam is located in the Uttaradit Province It is Thailand’s largest earth dam, constructed under the Nan River Basin Development Project, Built in 1973 over the Nan River, this reservoirs covers an area of 220 square kilometers. Originally named as Pha Som Dam, its name was later changed to Sirikit Dam.

Photo of Thai longtail fishing boat from Sirikit reservoir in Thailand Full daily guiding service and Thai longtail boat and local boatman are included

Your english speaking guide and Thai boatman will work tirelessly to get you into the right places and on the fish. After that it is up to you to do battle with these fierce predatory fish. Fishing for snakeheads or jungle perch is a real challenge and the success depends often on the right season. Thus we do not offer this trip during the cool winter season, we start fishing here from the end of February until the end of October. During these months you have a good chance to hook one of these fierce predators. This trip is designed for skilled Lure-Fisherman, the fishing at this water needs precise Casting  because you will always be fishing in areas with Submerged trees and lots of other snags.

TARGET SPECIES: The Giant Snakeheads (Channa micropeltes) aggression is legendary and you can be sure that once hooked this fish is not going to play the easy game, You will be battling to keep these Giant Snakeheads from snagging you and breaking your line at every chance they get.

Photo of huge Giant snakehead (Channa micropeltes) caught fishing in Thailand at Queen sirikit dam Target species is the Giant snakehead (Channa micropeltes) using primarily topwater lures such as weedless frogs, buzzbaits and poppers. Crankbaits, softbaits and diving lures like Rapala Floating are also effective.


  • Day1: 9.00 a.m pick up from your hotel or guesthouse in Chiang Mai, transfer to the reservoirs 3-3.5 hours, lunch at the raft, lurefishing in the afternoon until dusk, return to the raft for dinner and overnight stay.
  • Day 2: Start 5.30-6.00 a.m. with a local boatman to explore the reservoir, fishing until 11.00a.m, return to the raft about noon for lunch, start again fishing between 2.30-3.00p.m. until dusk, return to the raft for dinner and overnight stay
  • 3.Day: Start 5.30-6.00 a.m. with a local boatman to explore the resrevoir, fishing until 11.00a.m, return to the raft about noon for lunch, we take a rest and leave about 3.00p.m. heading back to Chiang Mai



  • Round trip transport from Chiang Mai
  • Boat rental
  • Basic accommodation on a raft
  • Food (breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), drinking water, soft drinks
  • Full guide assistance
  • Spinning reels and rods and lures


  • Alcoholic drinks

NOTE: It is recommended that you bring, during the raining season (June-October), wet weather clothing along with you.