Sea Fishing Gulf Of Thailand Koh Kut


Koh Kut is the farthest island from the coast of Trat. Its size ranks as the fourth of all Thailand's islands or the second to Ko Chang in Trat. The island covers an area of approximately 105 or 65,625 rai. It is 25 km in length and 12 km in width. Its natural features include mountains and plains where many streams originate and some become waterfalls.
One famous waterfall is Nam Tok Khlong Chao flows all throughout the year. It is an ideal place for swimming, consisting of 3 tiers; the upper two tiers are running streams and the lower one is a large pond.
In 1911, King Rama VI paid a royal visit to this waterfall and named it 'Nam Tok Anam Kok' to commemorate Ong Chiang Su. In addition, there are beaches with crystal-clear sea.


  • With a private atmosphere at the inner sea of Ko Kut is available for anglers who wish to spend some days vacationing during their sea fishing trip.


  • Best months for sailfish fishing are usually October-January.Good fishing starts in October until the end of March, slowing down in April. From May to September the season is over.


  • Sailfish, king mackerel, barracuda, queenfish, cobia, trevallies,snappers, groupers,African pompano, stingrays, and numerous bottom fish species.


  • From Bangkok, it takes 4 hours by air conditioned private van to get to the pier (Trat port) where you will be boarding.

THE BOATS: For the low package pricing we offer to visiting anglers, of course boats cannot be fancy big game boats such as the ones operating in Phuket. Pukhet's big game boat pricing is in average 25,000 baht a day (30,000 baht for safari on board). Our two boats are former wooden trawlers transformed and equiped into good sportfishing boats. They are confortable enough to enjoy a good fishing trip at sea. There is enough space on board to sleep + toilets.
The positive advantage of these two local boats is their respective low cost of operation.
Not to mention than compared to Pkuket, where around 30 operating big game boats fish the same waters on a regular basis (not including the netting done by the local commercial fishing fleet), Koh Kut Island has never been exposed to overfishing.

We work with the two best local captains in the area. Both crews are close friends of some of my team guides. They have fished together for years. Their friendship is an essential part of a successful trip. The fact is our boat captain buddies and their respective crews will do absolutely everything they can to make sure our clients are well taken care of and catch fish.You will catch fish!If these captains were to fail putting up on the fish, it would mean for them "losing face" to my team guides. Here in Thailand, to lose face to a foreigner is not good. But there is nothing worse on earth for a Thai than losing face to another Thai...This is a unique kind of guaranted insurance that our clients are treated on board like a true family member!


  • These Thai fishing boats can accomodate 4-5 anglers.


  • It is recommended you bring your own sea fishing gear.
  • We provide all the rigs and baits. In case you don't have any sea fishing gear, no worries, we can cover you with our personal fishing gear.


  • On a trip you have booked with us, the boat is yours. The crew and my team guides are at your service 24 hours a day. While some will be resting, others will be glad to assist you for nightime fishing. So if you wish to sleep at little but fish a lot, no problem.


  • Lure fishing, trolling and jigging are not productive at all at Kho Kut Island. For the daytime, the most efficient fishing method for several species including sailfish are live fish baiting, live squids are also used for other species. At night, bottom fishing is done for various species.


  • Day 1: Departure early morning from Bangkok (Somerset Hotel or any other hotel you'll be staying at) by private van. Transfer to Trat (port). Just prior to board, stop at the local market to buy food & drinks for your trip. There is an excellent cook on board who will prepare any Thai dishes you fancy eating.
    Boarding early afternoon for Koh Kut Island (5 hours boating). Arrival at the island end of the afternoon.
    Starting nightime fishing for bottom species.
  • Day 2: 1 day & 1 night fishing
  • Day 3: 1 day & 1 night fishing
  • Day 4: Fishing until 12.00 (noon). Departure back to port. Van transfer back to Bangkok. Arrival in Bangkok around 9.00 pm.


  • Same as above - but with 1 additional day / night fishing.

NOTE: There is a lovely resort by the beach on the island. So for those (anglers bringing their wife or girlfriend) who prefer spending their nights getting a good night rest at that resort instead of living on board with us to fish all night, no problem at all to manage your reservations at that resort. Our fishing spots are anyway located at various areas close to the island. It is easy for us to pick you up at the resort early morning, go fishing all day, bringing you back to the resort later at night, at whatever time you wish.


  • Insurance covering anglers and non-anglers joining
  • Round trip transfer Bangkok / Trat port by private air conditioned van / Boat
  • Boat crew for all days / nights fishing Full assistance/guiding (24 hours a day) by 1 or 2 pro guides
  • All required sea fishing gear (rods / reels) ,All rigs / baits ,All meals / soft drinks


  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Hotel accommodation in Bangkok (we can help with your reservations if requested).


  • - Which package suits you best: 4 days trip or 5 days trip?
  • - Do you have any dates in mind yet for this trip?
  • - How many persons in your party will be fishing ?
  • - How many non-angling partners will join you ?