Snakehead fishing in Thailand


Snakehead fishing in Thailand is very exciting and most of the time anglers are surrounded by natural beauty and unforgetable scenery on some of Thailand wildest national parks and jungle destinations. These beautiful predatory fish are hard fighting and a great challenge to any anglers visiting Thailand for an unforgetable fishing experience. For snakehead’s we usually use lure fishing in particular ‘topwater surface lure’ fishing techniques. Frog lures, buzzbaits and popper lures are the most popular types of baits to use but snakeheads will also take live and or dead baits readily.
Click the images below to learn more about our range of guided fishing trips targeting snakehead fish species in North, Central areas and down to Southern Thailand.

Snakehead Fishing Queen Sirikit dam
This Thailand fishing trip is really adventurous and you will spend days lure fishing by local longtail boats for snakehead and jungle perch fish species and the nights on a floating bamboo raft out on the water.
4/5 Day Snakehead Fishing Adventure.
Srinakarin reservoir is an amazing Thailand fishing destination. Located in the Kanchanaburi province, this is a place for a true fishing adventure of a lifetime. You will trek out into the wilderness and spend days and nights fishing in Thailand's unbroken peace right next to stunning scenery and close to mother nature.
Snakehead and Jungle Perch Fishing
Wild fishing in Thailand - Mae Ngat Dam is located 85 km northwest of Chiang Mai, and is part of the spectacular Sri Lanna National park. We offer full day and multiple daytrips, fishing from local longtail boats with accomodation on floating Houseboats (Rafts). Full guiding service tackle and transport included
Snakehead / Barramundi fishing Bangkok
Daily guided lure and Fly fishing for the Barramundi and Snakehead at Bang Na lakes – which is a venue made of 4 lakes, all located in the same area, at only one hour drive from Bangkok.
The Giant snakhead (Channa micropeltes) is our main target fish species at this reervoir in North east Thailand. There are also Striped snakehead (Channa striata) and Jungle perch (Hampala macrolepidota).
This 5 days 4 nights trip goes to a wild reservoir in the Central Southern region of Thailand where we will be lure and or fly fishing for Snakehead and Jungle perch species. We stay in a local hotel right next to the seaside.

Snakehead fishing in wild Thailand lakes and reservoirs.

We have fully guided snakehead fishing trips from North to South of Thailand.

all_species_thailand_fishing_tour Bangkok - 4 / 5 day snakehead jungle fishing adventure: Join us for a fishing adventure into the wilds of Thailands jungle fishing for the mighty giant snakehead using lures mainly on topwater. 4 or 5 days staying on floating rafts and buzzing around the reservoir casting from local longtail boats. more>>
Barramundi and snakehead fishing bangkok link Bangkok- Daily SNAKEHEAD and BARRAMUNDI fishing: Lure and Fly fishing for the Barramundi and Snakehead at Bang Na lakes which is a venue made of 4 lakes, all located in the same area, at only one hour drive from Bangkok, your best chance for catching a Giant snakehead on a day trip.more>>
Mega Fishing Thailand guided fishing trips in Chiang mai for Giant snakehead package title image graphic Chiang mai - Multi-day Giant snakehead adventure. The Queen Sirikit Dam is located in the Uttaradit Province. It is Thailand’s largest earth dam, constructed under the Nan River Basin Development Project, Built in 1973 over the Nan River, this reservoir covers an area of 220 square kilometres. Originally named as Pha Som Dam, its name was later changed to Queen Sirikit Dam…more>>
Mega Fishing Thailand guided fishing trips in Chiang mai for the Giant snakehead (Channa micropeltes) fishing package title image graphic Chiang mai - Day/multi-day trips to Mae Ngat reservoir. The lake holds Tilapia max.2kg (4.4lb) Rohu max 6kg (13lb), Small Scale Mud Carp max 6kg (13lb), Giant snakehead but the main attractive species is the Hampala Barb also called Jungle Perch max. 5kg (11lb), the average size is 1kg (2.2lb) and a 3kg (6.6lb) fish is already a very good catch . These Cyprinids provide good action on light tackle and fishing with topwater lures. Best time for Jungle Perch: June-October…more>>

Snakehead (Channa) species of Thailand

There are several species of snakehead fish which inhabit Thailands lakes and rivers. Click the links below to learn more about these exotic tropical fish species.

Snakehead fish species pages Cobra snakehead Channa marulius Cobra snakehead (Channa marulius) or Great snakehead is an elusive fish that inhabits waters from Thailand and Cambodia through Burma all the way to India and China. Its known as Cobra snakehead because of its resemblance to the Cobra. Its name in Thai Plah Chon gnu hao translated literally means cobra snakehead...more>>
Snakehead fish species information graphic Emperor snakehead Channa Marulioides Emperor snakehead (Channa marulioides) is limited in it's Thailand range to the southern regions and is considered a rare catch due to its remote locations. In Malaysia it is know as Toman bunga which roughly translated means flower snakehead...more>>
Snakehead fish species Giant snakehead Channa micropeltes image title Giant snakehead (Channa micropeltes) is well renown across the world as a sport fish. It is the top predator in its natural habitat and it is a perfectly developed hunter who will defend its young against pretty much all comers. Read on if you want to know more about this beautiful fish...more>>
Snakehead fish species information Striped snakehead Channa striata image graphic Striped snakehead (Channa striata) can grow to almost 1m (3ft) in length and up to 6kg (13lb) in weight although it is very uncommon to catch such a fine specimen in the wild. This is mainly due to the fact that it is so prized for its tasty almost boneless meat...more>>