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Big Predators bitting well moving in to the dry season

Lures and flies have been very productive lately, Some nice catches with a group of lads achieving their target of catching arapaima aswell as some nice alligator gar and redtail catfish catches. A monster catch estimated weighing close to the 100 kilos mark was caught  at the Ratchaburi “predator” lake by lady angler Allison Durand, from the USA.   Continue reading

Snakehead fishing in paradise Cheow lan lake is amazing

A  couple of hours scenic drive away from Phuket lies Cheow lan lake which was created in 1982 by damning the Sok river and creating the most stunning of all Thailand’s reservoirs. At the time of construction lots of natural habitat was lost and thousands of animals displaced when countless square Kilometers of forest were submerged beneath the waters of the lake.  This submerged forest is what now harbors a good head of Giant snakehead and other fish species. Continue reading

Latest Maniac Poppers and Stickbaits in stock

maniac_poppers4We always have a stock of Maniac poppers and Stickbaits available for sale. We have stock in Thailand and UK warehouses.
Maniac Lures made in Thailand are some of the the finest 100% handcrafted big game topwater lures available on the market.  Contact us for stock list prices and details.
Catch proven around the world for species like Giant Trevally, Tuna, Snapper and grouper. See some customer catches in gallery below.  Continue reading

New species stocked at Kampaeng Sen lake

Kampaeng_Sen_arapaimaSome new exotic fish species have been stocked at our Kampaeng Sen lake destination. This lake is Fly and Lure fishing ONLY and has a huge head of large Arapaima .among other species. Recently the lake has some new arrivals in the shape of Tarpon (up to 10kg), Arawana (up to 3kg), Yellowcheek carp (up to 3kg), Emperor snakehead (up to 2kg), Cobra snakehead (up to 3kg) and Peacock bass (up to 1kg). Continue reading