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A 78.00kg monster tapah (wallago leeri) on lure in Pahang river, Malaysia


giant_tepah_wallagoo_leeri_malaysia_fullA 78.00kg monster tapah (wallago leeri) was caught recently on lure in the Pahang river, Malaysia. It supposedly measured 2meters and weighed 78kg. In quotes from the newspaper article Zulfiki Abidin 36 said it took him 2 hours to land the fish. “I had to conserve my energy as the fish  was very strong. It felt like pulling a buffalo.” The article says Zulfiki  had heard of giant tapah (Malay language) but never expected to catch one.  He admitted that he was initially scared when he remembered when  he remembered a rural legend that the predatory catfish could grow into a monster and eat animals and humans. “But I told myself that I must catch this fish as it is a sought after species” Continue reading